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Christ on a crutch!

Whoa! Hey! I'm on Livejournal WHAT?

I don't want to update much, but let's just say since the last time I've updated, things have gone... downhill a little, family-wise D: It's not pretty, I don't feel like mentioning it out in the public domain either.

HOWEVER! I will lower my guard and ask for this; I can has needs money, or rather, commissioning me for pretty artwork :) One, I need the money to raise funds for said family problems, it won't help directly, but it will help take my parents' minds off my financial needs (if it means I can support myself for the mean time). Two, my internship is coming up, and I need some recent commissioned illustrations to fill up my portfolio nice and fat :)

Info can be found on my DeviantArt page ; w; It won't cost much, just $10 for a pretty picture <3 Note me or email me if any of you lovelies are interested :)

Lovers, muses and posters, oh my!

First off:

Happy Birthday Freddie :) You're my muse, my inspiration, the artist that got me started.
I could never, EVER thank you enough; though we've never met, you've taught me to be my own person, a valuable lesson I still credit you for, till this very day. God bless ♥

I might be a wee bit late, but I just wanted to throw a quick greeting :) Man means a lot to me still!

How's everyone, by the by?
I got my first set of assignments, and let me tell you, they don't get easier by the semester. In fact, I remember the days of foundation where I had minimal, simplistic work that merely relied on my sole interpretations alone (being foundation, of course, the students were basically a melting pot of every sub-genre of art you could think of). Now, doing my advertising major, it's all about what the public wants, what the client wants, it's always about them now haha! I sound selfish, I know, but it makes me appreciate the beauty and enjoyment that are personal pieces! X)

Speaking of personal art, Fizz made the sweetest gesture the other day; he had found a ridiculously large piece of plywood outside his apartment, it was apparently left there by some workers who were doing maintenance work across the street.

Never the less though, he primed it up, had it ready for painting, then asked me when I was over if I would like to collaborate with him. It was a resounding 'yes' on my side, and he seemed pretty excited about it X) Funny thing is, I was thinking of doing something like that for our one year anniversary, which is in two months! :)

My birthday was nice, a very low-key event. I had intentionally planned on getting some friends together and hitting the town for whatever fun we could think of (this is why we chose Sunway; shopping, dining and clubbing, all in one mall). Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to execute something on that scale, added with the fact that everyone's in school, trying to finish off their own set of assignments :p Thankfully, my parents were nice enough to take me out to dinner at Italiannies, and I swear, I've fallen in love with their bread pudding. It's the best damned thing I've ever had, seriously ;;____;;

To be honest, it was almost a little embarrassing, because I had thought that it would've simply been a nice dinner and then we would head home. Apparently, my dad had let slip to the manager (who looked suspiciously like the TF2 SNIPER), and before I knew it, a whole bunch of waiters came swarming at our table after finishing dinner and began singing happy birthday ; w;

Cue the 'lol wat' face. Not forgetting that they handed me the pepper shaker, told me to pretend that it was a mic, and had me make a little speech at the table. All I could say was, "this was... unexpected?", seriously, I was SO flustered ; w;

Oh well, embarrassing as it was though, it was a nice meal X) I wish Fizzy could've been there with me though ; w; But I didn't want him to drive alone so late at night.

So, how was YOUR day, gorgeous flisties? X)


Memai's been up to a lot of dirty things

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LoudTwitter is my home boy.


Saw Fizz was checking his messages on DA and saw one of the commentors was a girl I was watching. Turns out, she was this old high school friend of his! Weirder still, it was her birthday that day.

The world IS small haha
Anyway, nabbed from Kat and I'm sure everyone's done this 128574256 times, but whatever! :'D

01) Who are you?
02) Are we friends?
03) When and how did we meet?
04) Would you kiss me?
05) Give me a nickname and explain why.
06) Describe me in one word.
07) What was your first impression of me?
08) Do you still think the same?
09) What reminds you of me?
10) If you could give me anything, what would it be?
11) How well do you know me?
12) Are you gonna put this in your journal and see what I say about you?
13) Would you meet up with me?


I CAN has a die ;;

Ugh, stress levels are off the charts like you won't believe ;;
Cops are under the belief that my car is stolen (okay, so BMWs are fun things to steal if you've got the brains for it, but a chick in a dress and heels ain't gonna be no part of some dodgy syndicate).

Hell, even Fizzy laughed his sexyfine ass off finding that out, and I quote, "You'd be the last, and I mean the LAST, person to even think you committed a crime. You couldn't even steal candy."

I have two more weeks left of school-- TWO MORE MONDAYS-- and yet I have so much left to do. I don't know why I'm spazzing out over trying to finish up Typography though I figure it's to get Aaron off my ass and leave me alone FEH!

I admit though, some of the work isn't that hard, but it is time consuming and the money for it, is crazy. Like photography? The lecturer wants it in 16R... that's pretty fucking big and the kind of photos you would see in those expensive (or... enthusiastic) exhibitions. And we're what? Students? Living on a meagre income that depends on our parents' own meagre income?

And some of the work just makes me facepalm ;; Like, we had to present the essays that we've written for one class, but here's the stupid thing, everyone was assigned the same topic, so we basically spent three hours in the class listening to everyone repeat themselves DX

Then again, this is the same class that requires us to write an essay regarding the Industrial Revolution, because it TOTALLY has to do with graphic and illustration work, aye?

Man, I just want to go to sleepovers and roadtrips and random outings to KL and BUH ;; I wish Fizzy was here so I could whine profusely into his boney frame and maybe have him kick my ass into gear, he's very good at doing that ;;

I don't know if I should continue keeping this journal friendslocked. As much as I like the privacy, I hardly post anything personal (though if I do, I'll lock it haha), since I've been told a few non-LJ friends would like to follow me and keep up to date, but they can't because of the lock.


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Brought to you by... LoudTwitter


Dude, I wish I had something interesting to post. But I've got nothing ;; Not like anyone reads my journal anyway so... :v

So I went to this PC Fair a couple of days ago and dude, it was a fucking rip-off X_x I mean, the whole thing was advertised as a place where you can get your hands on the latest and greatest and also a few other nifty doo-dads for like, bargain price. I need a small digital camera for everyday use, because to be honest, I like pictures, I'm not a photographer, mind you; but I like recording the good times I've shared with friends. I know I have a DSLR, but I cannot carry that around all the time (that and it's delicate + expensive, losing that or ruining it would be the end of me, especially since I had to really lay on the sugarcoating with my parents). So yeah, I just need a small, inexpensive little thing.

I found one at the fair, it seemed to have more than enough specs and seemed to do the job well, but it was... kinda costly. Like I could get a much better price at the regular stores! Hell, my cousin is offering to sell a camera for so much less (and for a camera that's worth much more). I tried bargaining with the guy, but he insisted he had the best price around and wouldn't take my claim that I could get better prices elsewhere.

And really, I got tired of these skanky chinese girls shoving fliers in my face. Honest to god, I had my fair share of perfume sprayed generously upon me and a good number of fliers shoved in my face on the way to the fair, so you know, I'm certainly not one to tolerate that anymore when I'm at the actual event.

Though I got roped into this contest thing where you have to write a suggestion on how to make the earth a better place, standing a chance to win a laptop and all, and I wrote, "Don't say you want to save the Earth; DO IT!", but I don't know if the judges would get it :p

I went shopping at KLCC after that though, got a lovely Diesel dress for super cheap (and it's super cute too) along with some accessories to go with it. I should've gotten more though! They had some nice things on sale (like an out-of-season Gucci bag which was, in all honestly, gorgeous) <3 But oh man, browsing through the high-end stores, makes me wish I had a gorgeous Chanel dress in beige with a Louis Vuitton tote and a pair of classy Choo pumps/booties on my feet ; w;



School started up again, and that would probably explain why I haven't been online for the past few days. I've been dead exhausted from driving/jams/learning that I just get home, change into my sweats and just sit down and play video games. MINDLESS video games as I veg out on the seat/chair/floor/air D: Unhealthy, I know, considering that I'm eating less and less these days. And no, I'm not anorexic or bullimic or... whatever it is people want to associate themselves with. My appetite has been going down for a while now, but I guess since I drive myself home and I don't have to wait for anyone to come and pick me up, I can get a sandwich or whatever's in the fridge and have that fill me up for the moment. As opposed to when I wait around, I start getting hungry over time.

So yeah. Speaking of driving, I'm really feeling the pinch of paying for gas money. Suddenly, carrying around a few hundred bucks doesn't seem so hot anymore ;;

I guess it's not so much of an excuse, but it's a little update. All the same, I owe people commissions/giftarts/trades and the like, so if you're one of them, I haven't forgotten them, I just haven't had any time on my hands (or rather, more precisely, not a lot of drive/energy). I will get to them though :3

Oh and speaking of videogames, a friend of mine got me The Sims 2 Double Deluxe :3 I came rainbows XD Haha, for a while now I've been trying to get my hands on a decent copy of the game (and really, this is the land of piracy, we pirate pirated things!). So needless to say, I've never really found any good ones. It's pretty hard to scout out any game stores that carry original copies or what have you, I know I found a few, but they're so out of the way, it's really hard to justify wanting to go out there and get that one game. But now I have it and I'm happy. So thanks Ben XD You've filled my obsession just that little bit <3

What's everyone been up to eh? Classes kicked off, they're pretty alright, I'm not complaining and I kinda already anticipated the workload. So I'm feeling pretty neutral, but I see some complaining, kicking and screaming in the future, so you guys watch out for that XD

Crossposting this to DA, btw :3