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To ♥ Heart

j u s t . s m i l e

Fabulosity has no limitations

it's not a crime to be this GLAMOUROUS

just . smile : live for those you l♥ve

Journal is friends only, sweetheart!

My name's Memai, though I'm known as Mems, Daisy(???) Amanda, DivineDesires, Double D, DD, Ean, the one with the face and a lot more. Finally turned 18, totally taken. Currently an art student trying to live her life in the wilds of KL.

Is a... model, artist, comic book junkie, fan all things retro and delicious, cat lover, Sims addict, classic rock aficionado, girl gamer, self-proclaimed wise-ass, your average bitchy shop-a-holic oh, and of course, devoted chocolate lover.

"See, I'm like Gary the Snail; I have the answers to the universe, but no one listens to me until it's too late. Thanks a lot, guys."

am♥re: A certain, sulky lanky boy, cats, Elvis, Queen, The Beatles, all manner of unadulterated rock n' roll, lingerie of the Agent Provocateur persuasion, fashion, shopping, 1950's - 1970's, being creative in any way/shape/form/manner, coffee, good food, smiling, sleeping, travelling.

avversione: Most rap/hip-hop (though I'm open to listening), traffic jams, politics, fake/obnoxious people, most anime/manga, desu queens and otaku-chans (of the hard core lot), lack of rationality.

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Canis Canem Edit - the RPG
I play as Mandy Wiles and Vance Medici.

F a n d o m s

Banners made by me. Not shareable

I'm pretty laid back and I won't bite (not much). So if you're interested in friending me, know me through other sites/comms, send me a message and we can keep in touch!

She's not bleeding on the ballroom floor just for the attention. Because that's just ridiculously on.